19mm Dynamic Curling Wand

Sapphire Hair Tools

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19mm Dynamic Curling Wand
19mm Dynamic Curling Wand

Sapphire Ceramic Tourmaline Curling Wands are truly magic wands, custom-designed to create swift, polished, long-lasting curls in all forms and flourishes in just minutes. Whether your hair is naturally curly or naturally straight, this golden tool will deliver blossoming results: silky, smooth, soothing, salon-caliber finishes that last for days, minus the guilt, cost, and unpredictability of heat hairstyling.

Tips and steps to achieve any desirable curl:

  • Brush your hair all the way from the roots to the ends before applying the wand to avoid tangles and snarls during the curling process.
  • Choose a lock of your hair no longer than 1-2 inches.
  • Wrap the lock of hair at the base of the wand, which should be held up higher than the tip all along the barrel to allow the heat to distribute properly.
  • Keep your lock of hair flat as you wrap it around the wand into tight spiral curls.
  • To achieve loose, wavy curls, give the lock of hair a twist before wrapping it around the barrel.
  • Hold onto the tip of the lock of hair for five (5) seconds.
  • Let go, and let the fun begin!

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