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Mini Travel Flat Iron

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Mini Travel Flat Iron
Mini Travel Flat Iron
Mini Travel Flat Iron
Mini Travel Flat Iron

 consolidates our regular hair-straightener’s cutting-edge technology into a compact iron that gives your hair the same luster, softness and uniform flow as our larger model does, letting you primp up on the go wherever you are. This portable amenity especially comes in handy if you need to fix your hair just before a meeting, a date, a job interview, etc., or simply need a “touch-up” from time to time.

Our 100% solid ceramic plates make sure the heat is evenly spread across the iron so your hair can be straightened in one stroke, with no “hot spots” to mar a single strand. In fact, ruptured hair cuticles are fully mended with the iron’s advanced negative-ion technology, giving your hair a radiant, healthy look you can’t get from just a comb and brush.


  • Dual voltage—take your new lifetime companion everywhere you go around the world
  • Negative-ion technology seals moisture
  • Solid ceramic plates for even distribution of heat
  • Heats up evenly in less than half a minute
  • 360° swivel cord

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